1758 Eve Sweet

1759 Olivia Jay

1760 Chloe Cooper

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Copper Tone Girl. 8:16

Olivia’s dark skin and bronze sequin bikini really sparkle with detail in the reflected light and direct sun under clear blue skies. This intro might be just as much about the scenic coastal location as it is about the girl.

Olivia Nude Enjoy’n. 9:50

The bikini quickly comes off and then it is all about the bare bottom assets for nearly all of this clip. She never really seems settled in one particular position for long but there are a few excellent close up shots with incredible detail on display in her well lit crack.

Jays'es is Cumming. 6:21

Now much more settled into one excellent position Olivia gets into some finger masturbation with her ass hovering right over your face. You see her well lit pussy and ass completely filling your screen as she rubs one out.

Glisten Up Bitch. ITC Favorite 9:07

Olivia sprinkles baby oil all down her body making everything sparkle in the light. The combination of dark skin and oil and sunshine make for a beautiful scene. There are some pretty awesome close up details with little streams of oil running down over her ass. She then rubs it all in making everything glisten in surreal detail. A little bit of water mist on top adds an interesting touch with beads of water running over the oiled surfaces.

Jay Walking. 4:53

Olivia’s naked parade is unique amongst our walking videos because she is still all glistening with oil. Her slender figure looks almost surreal shining in the sunlight while in full stride.

Somebody got Some Body. 1:27

There’s a little bit of BTS footage here with Olivia posing for her friend’s phone / social media.