1760 Chloe Cooper

1761 Kimora Quin

1762 Kittina Clairette

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Quinta Sensual Beauty. 18:18

The staircase and fountain platform in this location are the perfect stage for low down views looking up Kimora’s ass as she stands over your face. Her black jean shorts are riding nice and high allowing lots of ass cheek to spill out for some very enticing views. The last third of this is with just a string thong in her ass crack with her pussy lips actually spilling out. She is slightly wobbly on her high heels but that only enhances the natural jiggle in her ass embellishing the close up butt views.

Look Up Stares. 10:18

Now all naked except for the shoes Kimora continues posing on the stairs with a lot of standing poses at first. Once again there are tons of excellent views up her but with her cheeks wobbling around over your face. Later poses on her back reveal a gorgeous undercarriage with a very pretty pussy. She is not always the most fluid in motion but there is no question she looks damn good no matter what she does.

Kimora Cum More. 8:00

Now getting comfortable with a few cushions Kimora gets busy with a vibrator on her pussy. This is half missionary and half doggy style with her silky smooth underside nicely displayed both ways. There is no dedicated walking clip in this video but we do end the video with Kimora walking up the stairs as we follow close behind.