1750 Sharon White

1751 Candee Licious

1752 Lea Guerlin

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Hose Having Candee? 22:04

New model Candee makes her first appearance in a beige suede skirt and seamless pantyhose giving a beautiful tease of all that is underneath. The glossy sheer pantyhose material gives a very nice smoothness to her curves while all the naughty details are still seen under the material. Perhaps the stone table surface was not the easiest place for her to pose but she soon moves onto the couch and give some very nice revealing poses.

Eye Candee. 11:51

This is now all nude posing other than the shoes which she still wears. She looks especially good in the standing front side view. Though not explicit it does show her well formed figure very nicely. We progress with lots more bend over and open legs perspectives which reveal somewhat of a cluster of stray hairs in her buttcrack, though not enough to obscure anything.

Dick Licious. 11:06

Candeeā€™s dildo masturbation segment might be the best part of this video featuring a nice revealing position with her ass parked right on the edge of the couch and up close in front of your face. Her pussy creams up quite nicely amidst some pretty decent action. She later hangs her ass right off the couch in mid air and the action starts up all over again.

Walk it off. 4:17

Candee does a naked parade in the largest space we had behind our shooting position. Her stride is maybe a little bit stiff yet she still looks super nice, especially in the front side view.