1751 Candee Licious

1752 Lea Guerlin

1753 Penelope Woods

Shoot Location: St Martin

Scene 1

Guerlin Booty Shorts. 9:00

Lea’s booty shorts are certainly the star of this clip with a good amount of ass cheek spilling out and rather voluptuously so. Amongst various standing, lying and crawling positions we see her butt hanging out from all angles.

Wedgie Lea me Behind? 5:51

Things progress to more skimpy coverings with the shorts now gone and only a slim thong string in the butt crack. A bit of fiddling with the thong often brings the girlie bits into view throughout this clip.

The Upshot in the End. 9:11

This is almost certainly the best segment out of this video with plenty of bare up the crack views showing a tidy butt hole between full cheeks. A good portion of this is shot from below as she squats over your face giving a very nice naughty perspective. We focus on almost exclusively close ups with her ass and pussy virtually filling the screen most of the time.

Don't Know Fiddle Work. 10:49

Lea’s masturbation session is just with fingers while lying back on the couch and later on her stomach with the legs open. Perhaps it is more like a pussy fiddling session as the masturbation is not really so compelling. The shots in the second position do give some really nice views even though the action is a bit lacking.

Walk of Shade. 3:40

This walk on the shaded side of the house is certainly lacking a bit of sparkle with the completely flat light. Nevertheless it is the perfect long runway for Lea to show off her figure in motion.