1749 Venera Maxima

1750 Sharon White

1751 Candee Licious

Shoot Location: Sint Maarten

Scene 1

A Pleatherable Experience. 11:57

There’s lots of pleather involved in this strip tease including the skirt and the bra and panties. The pleather skirt wraps especially nicely around her plump rear end showing off her curves. We dedicate a decent amount of time to her enhanced yet impressive rack of boobs.

Wag the Pawg. 17:27

With Sharon now all nude we have a thorough inspection of her fabulously voluptuous figure and feminine assets. Once again we focus on the boobs for a while before moving down to the butt and pussy. With this model it is perhaps not so much the close up details that are the main subject of interest. The most impressive segments are the full body views that show off her amazing curves. Her poses squatting on her knees display a fabulous arch in her back with a tiny waist flowing into her big butt curves.

Glassicle Cunt Position. 7:15

Sharon uses a crystal clear glass wand for her sex toy. Now it is the most close up detailed shoots that are perhaps the most interesting with beautiful clear views in the crack.

That Sway it Goes. ITC Favorite 4:58

With such a fabulously voluptuous figure we obviously had to get footage of Sharon parading that body around. She is all nude for the full duration with all curves wiggling free. The close up butt wiggle will melt your brains with gorgeous full ass cheeks undulating in your face.