1748 Alexis Crystal

1749 Venera Maxima

1750 Sharon White

Shoot Location: St Martin

Scene 1

Voyeur Maxima Pleasure. 7:41

Venera’s bikini appears to be a custom design with a matching robe in the beginning. The robe doesn’t last very long at all as we focus more on her body in the bikini for a while. Her figure is quite striking in a full body standing pose.

I've Bean-a-Bag Girl. 10:04

With Venera now fully nude her statuesque figure is even more impressive in the front side standing views. She spends most of the time rolling around on the beanbag with plenty of open legs poses showing off her feminine assets. The under shots near the end are pretty nice as she squats over top of the camera.

Quest for the Tooth. 6:12

Venera’s ass hovers very nicely positioned off the edge of the beanbag while she vibes her clit using a tooth shaped toy. Her clit stands out quite prominently between the two prongs of the toy. There appears to be two separate moments of orgasm in this masturbation scene.

Sway Better in the Crib-ian. 5:34

We reverse our camera position to watch Venera show off her figure in motion on a large deck space. She walks back and forth quite a few times completely nude except for the shoes. The front side figure is quite fantastic with beautiful hips and thighs in full wiggle mode.