1742 Kiarra Kai

1743 Venera Maxima

1744 Casey Norhman & Kittina Clairette

Shoot Location: Saint Martin

Scene 1

Venera Blues. 11:01

Venera’s lingerie outfit is quite striking with a beautiful cobalt blue colour contrasting against the all black and white room. A little bit of a wet patch is obvious on her crotch as she dances over top of the camera.

Maxima Exposure. 12:00

Only traces of lingerie are left on now with a garter here and a strap there while all other interesting bits are left nude for inspection. The all important underneath view is prevalent as she stands and/or squats her ass over your face at various times. The rest of the time is spent rolling around on the bed with her ass and pussy out in the open.

You Tool. 10:19

Venera’s blue vibrator dildo is a perfect match to her lingerie. She uses it in several positions, the best of which may be the bend over pose. None of the action in this is especially compelling yet not so bad either.