1741 Lea Guerlin

1742 Kiarra Kai

1743 Venera Maxima

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Dragon Drop. 13:34

Kiarra’s shapely legs are quite an attraction on first view with glossy pantyhose and a short dragon print dress completing the picture. Close up under shots give a beautiful up skirt tease before she moves onto the bench to show some more leg tease. The seamless pantyhose clearly shows her crotch and ass crack through the material all the way through. She spends a good amount of time squatting backwards on the bench with her pantyhose butt sticking out provocatively.

Torn Between Two Hoses. 13:46

Kiarra poses now without the dress. The pantyhose never come off but there is nude pussy and ass content as she rips the crotch of the pantyhose away to show what is underneath. At first she rips the material only enough to quite neatly allow only her pussy lips to bulge out from underneath. Later a more substantial rip gets her entire ass crack out in the open for inspection.

What a Friggin' Rip Off. 8:32

The pantyhose still don’t come off for this finger masturbation scene though they are completely ripped open for full access. It’s not so certain that there is actually an orgasm here but there is some nice squirming and up the butt views. Background elements are a bit overexposed here due to the open background but the critical parts are more or less properly exposed.