1743 Venera Maxima

1744 Casey Norhman & Kittina Clairette

1745 Allie Addison

Shoot Location: Sint Maarten

Scene 1

Casey Lace. 5:25

Both girls do a little solo strip tease before the lesbian action, starting with Casey. She has a beautiful deep red bra and panty set although you will agree she looks even better with her panties down showing off her bare pussy and ass.

Strip Kit. 6:03

Kittina also has a matching bra and panty with baby blue colours. There’s a few distracting bug bites and/or spotty skin here but you will soon be blinded by bare naked pussy and ass hole to focus your mind elsewhere. She does a pretty nice pussy spread from behind to end this clip.

Dames Blond Double Ohs Heaven. 23:26

This clip contains the main course of this video with all of the lesbian action. All of the pussy and ass licking is quite nicely done although perhaps secondary to the views of bare cracks sprinkled throughout this video. Half way through the action turns to mutual masturbation with the girls frigging each other side by side. Their position is at times like a game of twister with bodies and limbs entwined and piled up while asses poke out in the open.

Oil and Ass Company. ITC Favorite 14:49

The oil massage in this scene seems to provide all of the best views and the sexiest action. With heads out of the way, skin glistening and sexy squirming motion there’s lots of beautiful pussy and ass views to admire in this clip. Kittina is on the receiving end first and does some really nice squirming around as she gets her ass and pussy massaged. The action is then repeated with Casey on the receiving end before they end up in a big pile with two asses rubbing together. You can certainly get your fill of squirmy glistening asses in this video with twice as butt and pussy filling your screen.