1728 Chloe Cooper

1729 Sharon White

1730 Penelope Woods

Shoot Location: Sint Maarten

Scene 1

White, Thick 'n Breasts. 14:14

Thick curves abound with this model and all of the thickness is only in all the right places. She takes her time to pose in her deep purple bra and panty set before starting to strip off. She gets into a few rather nice positions that work well with her body and hint at the great things to come. Her boob tease is especially nice with rather full boobs positioned very nicely to dangle in front of your face.

Sharon the Goods. 9:18

Sharon is now all nude to share the view of her bare pussy and ass crack. There’s plenty of bend over and squatting over your face with a ton of ass looking to suffocate you. She has a few random mosquito bites but otherwise presents a fairly tidy package.

Bend there and Back. ITC Favorite 11:06

There is no doubt Sharon’s best asset is her back, not her backside (ass) but her back in general. With her tiny waist and full figured bottom there are some incredible curves flowing from her back to her bottom. We had her pose in a few of her best positions to show off her curvy midsection and bottom. She has a fantastic arch in her back with beautifully defined lines that enhance the fullness of her ass. A little bobble of the ass cheeks adds to the entertainment with incredible shapes coming to life. Though she is fully nude here the focus is a little less on the explicit crack details and more on the beautiful curves and shapes that this lady presents.

Sharon Ah's Porn. 9:11

Sharon uses a rather small pink vibrating dildo to fuck herself. The best of this has Sharon lying on her front with the legs open giving a close up view up her ass while she humps the dildo.

Scene 2

Pee White Here. 0:47

Now outdoors Sharon has a pee in the doggy style position on the grass in front of a few Easter Island statues.