1729 Sharon White

1730 Penelope Woods

1731 Casey Norhman

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This entire video has mariachi band (and other) music playing in the distance from the nearby resort. Though it’s not so appropriate to the content it is at least appropriate to the location.

Scene 1

Woods ya Lookit That. 10:46

Penelope’s lingerie posing is quite slow paced and understated. It gives a nice intro to her obvious best asset which is her plump, smooth and perfect bottom end. There’s a decent amount of bare pussy and ass in the last few minutes as she wears the panties down around her thighs. The close up ass crack views take this a little beyond just a tease.

Ass Back Woods. ITC Favorite 7:11

Penelope is now all nude except for the shoes and we proceed with plenty of non stop pussy and ass ogling. Her butt cheeks are quite remarkable with nice smooth skin and lots of plump jiggly flesh. When she parks her butt on top of your face you are treated to some of the best ass entertainment with fantastic spreads and jiggles. Her ass cheek bounce defies gravity with multiple rebounds every time she flicks her ass.

For all Crack Tickle Purposes. ITC Favorite 11:45

For such a beautiful smooth jiggly butt we had to involve feather prop to bring out the best of it all. This clip is chock full of fantastic ass entertainment including intimate views right in her ass crack, anus winking and some outstanding butt twitching and flailing around. All the views which are close enough to fill your screen with ass display her gorgeous form with a deep shapely ass crack between voluptuous cheeks. In the last few minutes she sticks the feature stem up her anus to stand up like a flag pole in her butt.

Faps and Friggers. 7:48

Penelope’s masturbation session involves only fingers and increasingly shows more and more interesting positions and increasingly fantastic action. Her crab walk position gets her big ass cheeks dangling in your face while she frigs her pussy. Then she humps her fingers while lying on her front with the legs wide open. Penelope does this position better than almost any other model as she gets some nice ass flailing motion going with her beautiful curves flapping vigorously in the air.

3D. 3D info 10:15

This 3D version video has all content similar to the first two clips above.