1727 Chloe Temple

1728 Chloe Cooper

1729 Sharon White

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Mini Cooper. 10:16

Chloe has a pretty nice and interesting outfit for this scene with seamless pantyhose under a mini skirt and draping metallic top. The skirt and pantyhose play a prominent roll with teasing upskirt views and girlie bits quite visible through the pantyhose material.

This Ass Hose Butting in. 20:43

Now with the skirt off this clip features a whole lot of pantyhose posing which makes up the largest bulk of this entire video. It is a non stop tease with the ass crack and pussy lips mostly visible through the somewhat see through pantyhose material. Only in the last 5 minutes does she actually get naked but really the best of it is the pantyhose teasing.

That was Fuckin' Gooed. 8:05

Chloe uses a bright florescent pink dildo to fuck herself on top of the table. She has quite a stream of runny pussy goo coming out of her pussy, especially in the first half of this clip. The action is not bad but the running goo and the spread pussy at the end are better.