1726 Allie Addison

1727 Chloe Temple

1728 Chloe Cooper

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

First Zebra Zen ze Panties. 8:58

We waste no time showing off Chloe’s impressive butt in her Zebra print bikini. She works through multiple standing, lying and bend over positions giving you a good look at her underside with the bikini still on. There’s a real decent introduction to her bare ass and pussy in the last few minutes with the bikini down around her thighs.

Nudist Temple. ITC Favorite 8:58

With Chloe now all nude this is an exhibition of one of the tidiest undersides on the site. The under shots with Chloe’s ass parked on your face are really awesome with fabulous shapely cheeks doing their wobble dance and filling the screen. Later she moves onto the chair giving you more fabulous close up views up her ass. Lighting conditions are slightly less than ideal in this scene but the quality of flesh on display is second to none.

Cunt Juicy what's Cumming? 4:18

Chloe’s finger masturbation session results in multiple squirting orgasms. It does not appear particularly orgasmic but there are no doubt a few very substantial squirts in here.

Must you Ramble on? 2:17

Chloe has a little wander around beside the pool to show off her figure in motion. We have seen more graceful walking before as this one is just a barefoot ramble around the pool.

Pool Your Shelf Together Girl. ITC Favorite 7:41

Of course Chloe ends up in the pool to finish her scene. She makes use of a shallow shelf to pose on with her butt sticking up out of the water. There’s some really awesome ass shots in this clip as she crawls back and forth on the shelf and then has water pouring down her ass crack.

Who Whiz Assin' Wos Up? 1:03

Chloe assumes a more unusual position for a pee with her chest down and her ass up. We’ve shot girls peeing in doggy position before but never with the ass this far up. It’s a pretty brief pee but certainly with a very revealing angle.

I Whiz Pretty Good. 0:31

And one more pee this time in a more normal squatting position with a pretty large flow and a big arch.