1721 Allie Addison

1722 Penelope Woods

1723 Esmeralda Duarte

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Half off at Wall Greens. 9:24

Penelope takes her time to tease in a brown bra and panty set on the bed. There is a fairly substantial bare bottom intro to her undercarriage in the latter portions of this clip as the panties come down around the thighs.

Looking Up Woods. 15:31

With Penelope now all nude we have a pretty long and substantial ass worship session with all kinds of views up her thick bottom end. The highlight is her fantastic squatting pose with her ass parked right on top of you face. Her slow booty wiggles, spreads and bum drops beautifully show off her thick bottom and ass crack.

Nice Back Round. 2:58

This brief interlude takes advantage of a scenic and stormy looking background with Penelope simply posing against the railing at the window.

Dangle Butt Hump a Dink. ITC Favorite 14:50

Penelope fucks her pussy using a clear purple rubber dildo and eventually finds her way into a less common but excellent position for humping the dildo bottoms up. Her humping motion is thoroughly entertaining with fantastic booty wiggling action as she thrusts up and down against the dildo. The slow portions give a beautiful view up her ass while the fast portions are extra compelling showing lots of passion and vigorous action.

Storm Wanderer. 2:47

Penelope has a brief wander around on the balcony with a storm brewing in the background. There wasn’t much room here to shoot a walking scene. This was somewhat of an afterthought shot when we were already packing up.