1720 Chloe Temple

1721 Allie Addison

1722 Penelope Woods

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Some Thin Flossed in the Allie Way. 10:01

If it’s your first time seeing Allie we recommend not judging this one on the first few minutes because all you will see is a girl that is a little too skinny. But she will really grow on you will some excellent character and some surprisingly nice assets. For such a small girl she has some amazingly thick and meaty pussy lips. Her pussy lips a really well teased and displayed in this video with lots of panty tugging and flossing.

The Labia Party. 7:08

This is now all nude posing with lots of pussy and ass in your face in all manner of revealing poses. The thick pussy lips are the obvious best asset and they get a considerable amount of attention with various squeezing, spreading and flicking.

A Lip Tickle Exercise. ITC Favorite 7:26

A feather is used for some more out of the ordinary stimulation. It starts with very light tickling and gradually becomes stronger with more vigorous flicking motion on her pussy lips. There’s a very nice display of pussy lips naturally bulging between her thighs and then flapping under the manipulation of the feather. It seems fairly apparent that she had some fun with doing this scene with lots of giggling and twitching under the stimulation. There’s a brief diversion to the feet at the end of this video.

You Fucking Slender Ass Cunt. 8:27

Allie has a go at fucking herself with a clear rubber dildo producing a decent amount of creamy pussy goo. Once again her thick meaty pussy lips steal the show with multiple nice perspectives to show them off.