1722 Penelope Woods

1723 Esmeralda Duarte

1724 Penelope Woods

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Esmeralda was a local Mexican girl that filled in when multiple planned models failed to show up. With no language in common and minimal direction we just winged it and hoped for the best. All things considered she did pretty well though not quite fitting the mold of a usual ITC model.

Scene 1

Shorts Sighted. 7:16

With micro shorts and a big butt Esmeralda has almost her entire ass hanging out of her shorts. The bend over poses show that her shorts are not much more than a string in her crack. She looks a little confused as times but still gets the right poses with some prompting.

Of Blemish Descent. 13:06

Now with the shorts off the main bulk of this video focuses on the bare pussy and ass worship with multiple bend over and squatting poses. She incorporates a few very nice slow twerks that are just enough to wobble the butt without blurring the view. Undoubtedly she is not the most flawless with several obvious skin blemishes but makes up for it with some nice thick butt curves and a fantastic ass spread while squatting on your face.

Twiddle ma Clit. 7:44

Esmeralda’s masturbation session is with fingers only while lying back on the bed. The masturbation in itself is maybe not the most compelling but the clitoris display that follows is quite remarkable. She has a very large and prominent clitoris that really stands up when she pulls back on her hood. Our close up shot in the last couple of minutes really draws the attention to this feature.

I Wander Badly. 4:02

Now outdoors on the balcony Esmeralda has a little wander back and forth over a fairly short space. She may not have understood what we were looking for at first due to language barrier but she soon picks it up. You may be more distracted with the rather dramatic background scene with an incoming storm adding to the drama.