1719 Penelope Woods

1720 Chloe Temple

1721 Allie Addison

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Mexi Deck. 8:13

Chloe is looking rather sporty in her tight shorts and crop top. Her near flawless ass hangs out of her shorts very nicely and the curves become increasingly more impressive the closer you get.

Lookit Twat We're Doing. 11:09

With Chloe now all nude on the chair this video becomes full time ass and pussy inspection. The overcast sky and lack of light to reflect means the video lacks vibrancy here but the ass on display is second to none with near flawless assets and beautiful revealing positions.

Snuggling in Some Crack. ITC Favorite 5:34

This is just straight up ass worship with the camera getting all up in Chloe’s ass crack while she stands with her butt parked on top of your face. Her ass spreads and booty bounces are intoxicating with explicit anus views and gorgeous cheeks tumbling down around your face.

Surely Temple Cums Here. 6:19

Chloe uses a clear rubber dildo to fuck her pussy while lying back in the chair. She ends up squatting in front of the chair with her ass dangling mid air allowing for a well exposed pussy and ass view. Perhaps the best shots are the finger dabbling after she is done with the toy.