010 Vanessa

011 Jenny

012 Jenny

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Happyface Tease. 10:31

Wearing a black happy face top and matching tiny micro shorts that don't cover her bum cheeks Jenny bends over, pulls her shorts out of her crack and spreads her ass wide open with two hands. You are greeted with a glorious close up in the crack view of her ass in motion and her vagina opening and closing as she repeatedly yanks her ass hard open.

Two Vibrators. 18:35

Jenny whips her shorts off and fingers herself for a while and then plays with a couple of vibrators. You'll love the way her gooey white girl juice clings to the vibrator and runs down over her anus. Between using different vibrators she gives us some nice spread pussy views.

Suckin' on Pearls. 8:02

Jenny buries a string of pearls up her pussy and ass at the same time. We give you a good long extreme close up view of her anus squeezing and sucking on the string of pearls. This is great stuff for those perverts who like to study every crease and fold in a girl's butt hole in minute detail.

Scene 2

Squatting over a Bowl. 2:45

Jenny looks ravishing in this brief scene as she squats on the kitchen counter over a glass bowl to take a pee. Of course you get the usual great low camera angles and close ups for optimum views of her leaking pussy.

Scene 3

Little Trickle. 0:52

Jenny takes a pee into the glass bowl again. This time you get the low angle rear view as she stands over the bowl with one leg raised and her leaking pussy gaping at you only a few inches away.

Two Gaping Holes. 15:49

Next lying naked on the table she sinks a shooter glass right up her vagina for some great views of her moist pink vagina walls wrapped snugly around the glass. She even stuffs the glass so far up her that it disappears as her pussy lips wrap around it and all you see is a big gaping hole. Then Jenny stuffs an anoscope (a clear plastic funnel) up her bum and a speculum in her vagina to show off her two gaping holes at the same time. On closer inspection you can see that her vagina walls gyrate as she moves the anoscope around. The only thing that could make this scene better is if she peed - and she does - through the speculum.

Scene 4

Quick Pee. 0:47

Here she goes again taking another pee. Just one short clip in this scene as Jenny squats up over the bathtub shooting one long steady stream with her lips spread wide open. We even put your face right down under her pussy only inches away from the action.

Scene 5

Lube Job. 8:26

There's some lovely panty tease at the beginning of this scene as Jenny pulls her panties aside for a beautiful bum crack view. She briefly stuffs her panties up her pussy then empties a whole syringe full of lube in her vagina and lets it all ooze out as she fingers herself. With her pussy all saturated in lube she opens it up with a speculum and you get some nice well-lit close up views inside her.

Speculum Leak. 3:10

Would you believe it now that she has a speculum up inside her she has to pee again! She takes a really long slow tinkle with her pee hitting the frame of the speculum and spraying everywhere. Just when you think she's done she lets out one big long fountain of pee and almost gets you in the face because you were looking too close. There's a fabulous shot of the speculum coming out of her gaping pussy with the big puddle of pee that gathered in her vagina all spewing out.

Pussy Spray. 7:05

Now Jenny gets busy with a clear rubber dildo that brings her to a beautiful squirting orgasm. You see her vagina hanging wide open while her squirt sprays through her fingers and all over her thighs.

Scene 6

Pee and Douche. 1:52

Believe it or not Jenny has to pee yet again. This time she does it lying in the bathtub with her pee squirting straight up in the air and landing on her breasts. Finally she gives her pussy a refreshing douche to end the video.