1641 Demi Lopez

1642 Alex Coal

1643 Adrian Hush

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Tight Knit Up. ITC Favorite 13:22

Alex is really hot stuff in her short tight knitted dress. Beautifully straightened long black hair and glasses complete the sexy and sophisticated look. Beautiful up skirt views are plentiful, especially from the back side. She expertly teases with her dress pulling up over her plump apple bottom. A full length wall mirror comes in handy to show her face and close up ass at the same time. This clip is surely a butt tease delight with the dress and panties playing a prominent roll.

Take a Spot in the Back. 9:28

The mirror posing continues with Alex now fully nude. We get a very nice close up low angle ass inspection while she spreads and wobbles her cheeks. She then moves onto the bed for multiple bend over and open leg up the butt views. There’s a few minor skin issues with red spots here and there but her shape is quite fabulous with a well rounded bottom end.

My Coal Jacks Some. 19:53

Alex uses a hot pink vibrator to work her pussy. There’s not much real insertion involved as she mostly just rubs the toy on her clitoris. The main attraction is the big round bottom bulging in your face through most of the clip. She works the toy for quite a long time with perhaps up to 3 apparently genuine orgasms involved. Besides the usual kind of poses there are a couple of much less common positions involved giving some interesting perspectives.

3D. 3D info 13:57

This 3D version video contains all content similar to the first two clips above.