1642 Alex Coal

1643 Adrian Hush

1644 Demi Sutra

Shoot Location: Malpais, Costa Rica

The ambiance is quite nice in this scene with the open air landing showing the lush background and allowing in the sounds of light rain and exotic birds and monkeys in the jungle.

Scene 1

Jugs to Position. 7:38

Adrian’s super short crop top is perfect for the ultimate under boob tease. Her nipples are just out of view and poking through the material while her jiggly melons partially hang out the bottom. But she also makes sure everything hangs out when she bends over and performs a sexy boob jiggle.

Hush Panties. 9:14

The attention moves down now for a detailed look at her jean shorts as they outline her butt curves beautifully. Later without the shorts it is all about the bright red panties. She is certainly practiced in the art of showing off her bottom side with some very nice posing on the bench.

Hush 'n Crack. 8:48

Adrian gets bottomless and does lots of bend over and ass up posing with everything out in the open for inspection. The close up shots and spreading are really top notch with beautiful lighting filling the cracks. Then standing the attention momentarily turns to boobs before she turns and parks her ass on your face again.

Her be Hand Cock. 13:54

Adrian has a go at fucking herself with a flesh coloured dildo in multiple positions. The best shots come as she gets down on the floor and squats her ass in your face crabwalk style.