1640 Missy Luv

1641 Demi Lopez

1642 Alex Coal

Shoot Location: Nanaimo, BC Canada

Scene 1

Is Knit Booty Full. 10:58

Demi got a little more plump since we last shot her which would be a good thing if you like big juicy asses. Her already big ass is now a virtual badonkadonk that you could loose your face in. Her black knit dress barely covers her ass and provides a beautiful tease as it gradually slide up her butt showing off her big thick bottom end. Later with the dress pulled up she faffs about with her panties giving ample opportunity to see her bare assets while she decides whether the panties are on or off.

Wide ya Ass That? 11:19

Now pantyless Demi spends much of this clip spreading her thick bottom in your face. The dress stays on for the first half of this although it is pulled all the way up around her waist with everything hanging out the bottom. Then fully nude Demi does some beautiful booty wobbling while lying in her front.

Under Screw Demi. 6:32

Demi uses a long screw shaped toy to poke herself in the ass. This is hardly anal masturbation as she just dabbles it as decoration but there’s some excellent close up ass crack views.

Cock Dirty Demi. 9:02

Demi now uses a big black rubber dildo to fuck her pussy. After a gradual start she picks up some momentum and starts to develop a puddle of creamy pussy juice. She eventually floods her ass hole with cum and we see it all dribbling down her ass cheeks.