1639 Riley Anne

1640 Missy Luv

1641 Demi Lopez

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Shoe me what you got. 9:15

This entire scene was shot inside a closet, albeit a rather large closet. Foot fetishists and shoe lovers may enjoy the first part of this scene as Missy tries on some new shoes fresh out of the box. The attention then turns to up skirt and bend over poses with her silky black thong sometimes getting pulled aside to reveal what is underneath.

Hungarian Dip Low Missy. 10:11

With Missy now fully nude except for the shoes we get a closer look at her bare feminine assets. She is not entirely flawless and has a bit of a shaving nick but otherwise displays well with her slim booty nicely exposed while hovering on top of your face.

I Red up on her. 5:44

We break with the usual format somewhat as Missy tries on another outfit, this time a red negligee. She spends most of the time either standing or squatting over your face giving a nice up skirt view while still bottomless.

Be Closet's Fucking Good. 7:59

Missy has a pussy fucking session with a flesh coloured dildo while hanging her ass off the edge of the bench. Range of motion with the dildo is a bit limited though her position is good. She later has another go at masturbating with just her fingers and this is perhaps the better footage with more exposed views of the pussy.