1629 Maria Rya

1630 Aislin

1631 Stacy Cruz & Leanne Lace

Shoot Location: Malpais, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Shorty Pants. 9:19

Aislin’s jean shorts are not really that skimpy but they still show her curves when she tugs them up. She manages a decent repertoire of poses on a single chair with showing off her shorts and then her hot pink panties.

A Croc of Sit. 12:06

Aislin is now fully nude to show off her naked ass and pussy with multiple poses on the chair. She also uses a quite hefty looking stump as a pedestal to stand on. The best of this is the bend over and backward squatting positions with her ass in your face. Her butt hole winking near the end is very prominent though somewhat brief.

Costa Frigga. 6:22

Aislin has a finger masturbation session while lying back in the chair. She later manages to jack herself up in the chair so that her ass hovers in mid air. The position doesn’t look so comfortable but certainly gives an interesting perspective.

Get your Walks off. 4:44

Aislin makes use of a large foyer area to show off her figure in motion. She doesn’t waste much time getting around with a brisk walk and enthusiastic mood.