1630 Aislin

1631 Stacy Cruz & Leanne Lace

1632 Angel Emily

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

Scene 1

Show you Round the Lace. 5:04

Both girls do a small solo strip tease before the lesbian scene and Leanne is up first with a nice matching green bra and panty. Considering she is one of our most attractive models we take a moment for a very nice close up face shot. Though she doesn’t actually get topless the panties do come off half way through giving you a sneak peek at all the most important bits.

Just Cruz’n. 4:04

And now Stacy does a quick strip tease from her black lace one piece lingerie. Again she doesn’t get topless but she unsnaps the crotch to let her lower end private places out for a quick look see.

Happy go Licky. 18:50

With the two girls together now Leanne gets all of the attention in this clip starting with lingerie teasing to bare pussy and ass inspection and finally to extensive pussy and ass licking. The ass licking is sometimes compelling and other times not so much, although two hot chicks can hardly go wrong in this scenario. The clip comes to a pretty passionate climax with Leanne rubbing her pussy while she gets her ass licked.

Gobble Gob Hole. 12:30

The rolls are reversed with Stacy now on the receiving end having her ass and pussy worshiped and eaten out. It is remarkably similar to the previous clip although Leanne dribbles a little more saliva in Stacy’s crack to get things going.

Gazin' Lesbians. 7:56

This is something like an encore with a bit more of a fun mood to it. Stacy’s amazing boobs get lots of attention at the beginning with a bit of fondling and massaging. She then dangles her boobs in Leanne’s face and the girls get quite goofy and giggly about it. Some more imaginative positioning allows for more revealing pussy and ass views while Leanne licks Stacy’s pussy from underneath. There’s a more relaxing ass licking session with Leanne lightly kissing and tonging Stacy’s ass to end the video.