1628 Anne Amari

1629 Maria Rya

1630 Aislin

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

Scene 1

Rya Following me? ITC Favorite 7:19

It doesn’t get much better than seeing the perfect barbie doll figure putting on a parade in an exotic location. Maria repeatedly walks back and forth first in her jean shorts and then naked.

Aegean Shorts Video. 7:38

Now back in her jean shorts and gold crop top Maria puts on a more extensive jean shorts tease while bathed in strong reflected side light. She is constantly in motion moving around like someone who knows how to put on a show.

What is your Point Asshole? 10:25

This clip starts out as just nude posing with primary attention on the ass and later turns to more ass hole fiddling with a bit of finger insertion up the ass. Though she does tend to move around a lot there are a number of more calm moments with beautiful clear views up her impeccable ass.

Cumming in Lewd and Clear. 6:03

Maria has a go at fucking her pussy with a clear rubber dildo. The action stops and starts a few times as she changes position, takes a break and then goes at it again. The light falling on the model becomes increasingly more golden as the sun nears the horizon towards the end of this video.

Friggin Greecy. ITC Favorite 4:20

She saves the best to last with a beautiful finger masturbation segment. A combination of oil and saliva makes a nice gooey mess on her pussy while she frigs herself. Best of all is her position with her ass dangling in your face giving you a fabulous view up her bottom end while she squirms her curvy assets only inches away.