1627 Luna Corazon

1628 Anne Amari

1629 Maria Rya

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

She's Completely Bluesin' it. 9:38

Everything on Anne is navy blue including her eye shadow in stark contrast against the bright orange of the bed sheets. She really does some lovely posing on the bed getting her ass out for your admiration. In the latter portions you get a beautiful introduction to her bare ass crack and pussy with the panties down around her thighs.

Black Bare Cuntry. 12:08

Anne wears only her stockings and shoes for this full on pussy and ass ogle session. The up ass views are really fantastic as she lies on her front with the legs wide open. Bend over positions are plentiful both from the front and the rear and she squats on your face to give you a beautiful explicit view up her bottom side.

I'm Hook Dong You. 8:05

Anne fucks herself with an unusual toy with a bent tip on it. For the last third of the scene she gets on her front humping the toy between her legs allowing for some very nice views up her ass.

Anne of Clean Gape Holes. 2:07

Anne shows a brief encore of nothing but spread vagina. The close up view is very explicit showing the folds her her vagina under manipulating fingers. She is super pink inside in contrast to her dark complexion.

I'm Hook Dong You - 3D. 3D info 8:08

This is identical footage to the similarly named clip above but in 3D format.

Anne of Clean Gape Holes - 3D. 3D info 1:32

This is identical footage to the similarly named clip above but in 3D format. The 3D effect is especially pronounced in the close up gaping vagina shots.