1626 Lilu Moon

1627 Luna Corazon

1628 Anne Amari

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

Scene 1

Legs get going. 6:40

Luna is looking quite poised and stately in her short and stylish silver dress. The legs are fully out and putting on a show for this walking video. She quickly gets all naked one third into it and continues her parade wearing only shoes.

The Silver Lining. 8:32

With the dress on once again Luna does a more extensive strip tease including up skirt and panty views. After a bit of standing up skirt posing she gets down on the floor for the rest of the clip. The panties get a lot of attention with a lot of focus around the butt crack area. Her dark complexion allows her to stand out very nicely against the stark white of the entire room.

A Crack in the Luna Surface. 18:10

This is all nude posing first on the floor and then on the couch. There’s lots of beautiful cheeks in your face views in the crab walk position and while standing and later in multiple positions on the couch. She sometimes lightly pulses her butt hole with a bit of flexing motion and often sticks a finger up her butt. Her bend over ass spreading near the end is top quality.

Bullet Surprise Winner. 13:16

Luna uses a bullet shaped vibrator on and in her pussy to bring herself to the point of climax. Most of the time she hangs her ass off the edge of the couch allowing a full pussy and ass view while she fucks herself. Your view is dominated by close up pussy and ass filling your screen for a considerably long time while she grinds it out. There’s an unexpected squirting orgasm at the end which we were not prepared for resulting in a little missed footage while we try to get out of the line of fire but there’s still plenty of watch at the critical moment.