1625 Jewelz Blu

1626 Lilu Moon

1627 Luna Corazon

Shoot Location: Malpais, Costa Rica

Scene 1

A Rainy 'n Terrace. 9:50

Posing in a large open air living space Lilu takes her time slowly stripping out of her white jean shorts. The rainy jungle background adds some ambience in the beginning before we turn the scene around the opposite direction for the best lighting.

A Full Moon. ITC Favorite 21:21

Now without the jean shorts we inspect Lilu’s thong bottom for a short while before she goes fully bottomless. The perfection of her bottom side is quite remarkable with flawless skin and beautiful curves around her ass. It’s all displayed in the most revealing and curvy positions with her pussy and ass beautifully exposed. There’s outstanding footage with Lilu squatting in your face from both the front and the rear. We briefly experiment with a different lens getting an extreme close up of her anus to fill your screen. There are no weak moments as Lilu moves slowly giving you a clear view with her ass and pussy parked in your face ongoing through the entire clip.

Frosty Fucker. ITC Favorite 14:49

Lilu uses a frosty transparent dildo to fuck herself in the pussy. A large portion of this masturbation scene is shot in an incredible crab walk position while straddling between the couch and table. Her ass hangs beautifully in your face while she fucks herself. The low camera angle gives a spectacular perspective looking up her underside with beautiful curves popping in your face. She later moves onto her side on the couch to continue the dildo action. She does a masterful job of dildo fucking frequently pulling the toy all the way out for unobstructed pussy and ass views. You get a really nice extreme close up open vagina view at the end.

I Parade for a Mirror Call. 7:36

This walking scene takes advantage of a large open space for a long runway for Lilu to show off her figure in motion. She has her white jean shorts on again to start this clip and then she goes naked to finish it off. There’s a few particularly nice close up shots from directly under her ass while she walks.