1622 Baby Nicols

1623 Paige Owens

1624 Melody Wylde

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Wine and Tease. 11:27

Paige’s wine coloured silk panties and her smooth butt provide the majority of the tease in this stripping video. Her butt squirm is slow and understated allowing for a nice clear view. Things become particularly pretty when she bends over on the couch with her panties down around her thighs.

She Owens lots of Proper Tease. 5:56

With Paige now all nude but for the shoes the attention is focused squarely on her pussy and ass for this clip. A large portion of this sees her lying on her front on the couch with the legs open showing excellent views up her bottom side.

Snatch Rattler. 7:30

Paige uses a large hitachi vibrator to rattle her pussy to a climax. The best shots come with Paige hanging her ass off the edge of the couch dangling her squirming butt in your face. There’s some nice quivering motion as she brings the action to a climax.

Mauve it ya Fuckin' Cunt. 6:15

Now in a second masturbation segment Paige uses a mauve coloured dildo to fuck herself. Once again she gets her ass hanging off the edge of the couch with all her pretty places dangling in your face. There’s some beautiful squirming motion through the heaviest parts of the action and a little bit of open pussy when she takes the toy out of her pussy.