1621 Nata Ocean

1622 Baby Nicols

1623 Paige Owens

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

Scene 1

Baby Steps. ITC Favorite 10:01

This walking scene is a bit different from most because we follow the model as she wanders around throughout an entire property. In the first half of this she wears her burgundy bra and panty and then she goes all nude for the second half. She talks to you in Spanish while she explores around the place. She is undeniably a very desirable girl in all aspects with a beautiful figure, pretty face and a very nice personality.

Come Mirror Baby. 9:59

Now indoors Baby Nicols teases you with beautiful posing beside a full length mirror. The mirror plays an important role allowing lots of close up butt shots and face and body shots at the same time while she teases with her panties. The second half of this clip has all nude posing while still standing beside the full length mirror.

You Bedder Watch it Baby. 13:55

She now moves onto the bed for more extensive nude posing including lots of close up spread pussy. Eagle-eyed observes will notice a sponge inside her vagina which may add some intrigue for some people.

Nicol Dicker. 11:39

Baby Nicols uses a rather odd shaped dildo to fuck herself. She spends most of the time on her back with her knees pinned back to her chest making a beautiful bulging curve around her ass.