1623 Paige Owens

1624 Melody Wylde

1625 Jewelz Blu

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Kitten Kaboodle. 17:00

This video has a rather large dose of roll playing which is quite uncommon to our productions. Throughout this entire clip Melody talks in Japanese to whomever is on her phone while posing selfie style. Typical inthecrack vantage points come and go a little less frequently than usual because she is posing to her phone rather than the camera. Undoubtedly the Japanese language and character are quite cute and sexy and add a lot of personality to the scene. Likely her Japanese language skills may be outdated or a little broken but she plays the character very well. The skimpy pink jean shorts are the main attraction with some beautiful ass cheeks hanging out.

Snatch Babble. 8:32

This is now all nude posing. She keeps up the talking and character but she is now posing entirely to the camera rather than her phone allowing for some more concentrated pussy and ass views. She has a full bush in this scene although it is trimmed quite short. There are several beautiful moments of bend over posing and butt twerking that make up the highlight of this clip.

Ass Fadoodle. 9:27

Melody has an intimate little butt fiddling session with lots of finger insertion and playing with a butt plug. There’s several very nice close ups and another really nice bend over ass twerk with the toy lodged up her ass.

3D. 3D info 10:39

This 3D video contains all content similar to the first two clips above.