1620 Riley Anne

1621 Nata Ocean

1622 Baby Nicols

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

Scene 1

Nata Happy Camper. 16:20

Nata was possibly not entirely mentally present for this shoot but it doesn’t stop us from getting some very nice butt tease with her ass hanging out of her super skimpy jean shorts. Her legs are also really beautiful with full exposure and very nice shape extending from her feet to her hips.

Spot on. 7:56

With the exception of her stripper heels this is all nude posing with plenty of legs and ass and pussy. If it weren’t for a few skin blemishes on her ass she would be quite spectacular to look at. Even with the few red spots on her butt she is worthy of a good look-see. There’s some excellent rear view squatting directly over your face giving a fantastic view up her bottom end. Though we don’t typically focus on legs so much it is worth mentioning her legs here as that is probably her best feature.

A Nata Thing Cumming. 11:01

Nata uses a tooth shaped vibrator in this masturbation segment. The action is somewhat reserved but the lack of bucking around means there’s perfectly clear views of her girlie places through it all. There’s a very nice close up open vagina view to end the video.