1619 Adrian Hush

1620 Riley Anne

1621 Nata Ocean

Shoot Location: Malpais, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Hot Strings. 10:34

Riley poses in her skimpy hot pink string bikini beside a shallow wading pool. Bend over poses reveal quite a lot with all her curves out in the open and only her inner lips and a tiny portion of her anus hidden by the bikini. She also looks especially good lying on her back with her knees to her chest as her pussy lips bulge prominently through the bikini crotch. There’s some interesting jungle ambience in this clip with distant sounds of howler monkeys.

That Taint Happening. ITC Favorite 7:42

Riley is now all nude and shows off her remarkably beautiful form with numerous pussy and ass out poses. A considerable amount of time is dedicated to bend over poses and squatting on your face. She has a uniquely prominent taint with folds that extend up into her anus. For some this may be her sexiest feature. She does have a few skin blemishes but this is overwhelmed by the stunningly beautiful shape around the underside of her ass and pussy.

Lips Dick. 5:08

Riley uses a very unique sex toy that looks like a stick of lipstick which she holds on her clitoris. Though you cannot see what it is actually doing the function is that of pulsating suction rather than vibration. Since the function of the toy is not visible that is not the real attraction of the clip. However there’s beautiful views up her ass while she bends over and lies on her front and twitches in reaction to the toy.

Taking Shelfies. 10:01

Riley now poses in the very shallow portion of the pool getting her assets all wet and primarily showing off views up her spectacular ass. In the second half she moves to the underwater bar stools and continues giving lots of ass views. Her ass is a work of art floating in the water and thrusting up for admiring eyes as she lies on her front.

Taking Shelfies - 3D. 3D info 9:17

This is the exact same footage as the similarly named clip above but in 3D format.