1614 Aislin & Anne Amari

1615 Christy Love

1616 Lexa

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Admittedly this set is not our best effort ever but it does still have a few shining moments including perhaps the biggest squirt ever.

Scene 1

Pool Over Bitch. 5:04

Christy has a little meander on the ledge over the edge of the pool showing off her figure in motion. She is fully nude right from the start. Lighting conditions leave a lot to be desired here with harsh sunlight and deep shadows. Her personality shines through with a constant smile and a playful dance in her step from time to time.

Wedgie Believe it? 7:36

Now under much better lighting conditions Christy’s scene proper starts with a strip tease in a crazy short pair of jean shorts. The shorts are virtually wedgied in her crack both front and rear. The thong panty that is underneath is actually wedgied up her crack both front and rear to the point where it disappears in her pussy slit.

Scabbin Feaver. 4:52

Now fully naked Christy poses on the bench and table showing off her bare assets in a few different positions. She is not exactly flawless as there’s a few small bruises and scabs. This clip falls a little short of our usual thorough pussy and ass inspection.

You Geyser Horny. 7:47

Christy uses a hot pink vibrator to work her pussy up eventually to a huge squirting orgasm. Even the ceiling gets wet in this scene with multiple powerful jets being forced out of her pussy in quick succession. The actual squirting only makes up a small portion of this clip but it is easily the most memorable and consequential part of the video.

Love your Shelf. 8:20

Christy has a quick dip in the shallow part of the pool including a bit of playing around in the small waterfall. It’s not quite as inspired or explicit as we might have liked it to be but she certainly poses with personality and seems to be having fun.

You Geyser Horny - 3D. 3D info 7:44

This video is the identical footage to the similarly named clip above but in 3D format.

Love your Shelf - 3D. 3D info 8:19

This video is the identical footage to the similarly named clip above but in 3D format.