1613 Maria Rya

1614 Aislin & Anne Amari

1615 Christy Love

Shoot Location: Malpais, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Vanilla Breeze. 5:06

Aislin does a little solo strip tease before the lesbian action is to begin. This includes bra and panty posing and continues all the way to fully naked pussy and ass crack views. For a brief moment she shows some incredible ass hole winking with her anus making very prominent in and out motions.

Chocolate Wind. 4:03

This is virtually a carbon copy of the previous clip as Anne now does a little solo strip tease. Once again there’s some excellent close up nude pussy and ass shots in the latter half of this clip.

Chocolate and Vanilla Ass Clean. ITC Favorite 18:36

All of the lesbian action is contained within this rather extensive clip with all manner of ass and pussy licking in both directions. They don’t take very long to get naked and then it is a thorough and fabulous display of pussy and ass licking for the rest of the way. They are not hesitant to get tongues in ass holes and we don’t miss any of the action with the camera getting in all the best spots. They switch between pussy and ass hole and giving and receiving multiple times with all action appearing genuine and enthusiastic.

Go to Bed Oily. ITC Favorite 17:22

The girls take turns massaging each other with generous portions of oil getting rubbed all over their pussies and asses. It results in some really spectacular pussy and ass views with everything glistening in the light. The positions lying on their front with the legs wide open allows for some amazing views straight up the ass with beautiful squirming motion and manipulation. There’s a beautiful segment of boobs and ass mashed together as Aislin oils up her boobs and then bobbles them all over Annes ass and slides her nipples up Anne’s ass crack. The pussy massaging becomes fully orgasmic with a beautiful quivering climax under probing fingers. The girls switch positions and Aislin gets an equally nice oil massage with lots of beautiful views straight up her ass and pussy. In the last part Anne squats crabwalk style on top of Aislin’s ass and they do a beautiful ass to ass slide to fill your view with ass and pussy galore one on top of the other. The contrast between dark and light skin is quite striking in this segment.