1615 Christy Love

1616 Lexa

1617 Demi Sutra

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Everything is All White. 10:27

This is mostly all about the white jean shorts that Lexa wears in this set. The frayed edges of the short cut lie quite deep in her crack revealing quite a lot as she bends over. It’s no problem at all for Lexa to pull the shorts aside showing some bare pussy and ass crack peeking out from time to time.

Bottomless in Cabana. 13:36

With the shorts now gone we take our time to admire the bare pussy and ass while Lexa puts it all out there for your eyes to enjoy. Her top does not actually come off through the entire clip but the nudity is still outstanding with her important bottomside beautifully exposed and her top often pulled up over her boobs.

A Feather in her Crack. 4:31

Lexa gets a little tickle torment from an off camera assistant using a feather to caress her ass. The feather finds it’s way into some very intimate areas and we get some beautiful close up shots while she squirms around.

Moist Buns. 6:32

Lexa uses a large dollop of moisturizing cream to massage her own ass. It looks like too much cream at first but she eventually works it all onto her ass with lots of butt caressing.

3D. 3D info 11:21

This 3D version video has all content similar to the first two clips above.