1602 Daisy Stone

1603 Shalina Devine

1604 Cindy Starfall & Kiara Cole

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Feeling Under the Leather. 7:42

Shalina is back on inthecrack a full 10 years after her previous (first) appearance here and we gotta say she looks even better now in spite of the age. She still has super tight assets while gaining a little fuller curves and more seasoned sophistication. This tease clip focuses mainly on her short leather skirt with some beautiful upskirt views admiring her fabulous ass.

De Vine has Aged Well. 9:51

The tease continues now without the skirt making the panties the main point of attention along with some beautiful ass tease. The bare ass crack comes out for a sneak peak every once in a while before she actually removes her panties.

This Sectional be Good. 13:40

Shalina’s all nude posing is quite slow paced and has plenty of bend over posing and up the ass views. There’s a really nice segment of underneath shots as she stands over your face showing off her ass. Things get really good at the end when she crab walk dangles her ass in front of your face with a beautiful squirm undulating her curves around and exposing all of her private areas for maximum effect.

Rust Dick Charm. 11:25

Shalina uses a rather large rust coloured rubber dildo to fuck herself. She shows off the roundness of her bottom end beautifully with her knees pulled back to her chest while fucking herself. There’s a few minutes of very nice pussy spreading at the end with very well lit and very close up inside views.