1601 Gianna Dior

1602 Daisy Stone

1603 Shalina Devine

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Sharing Stone. 8:39

The main attraction of this show is quite obvious as soon and Daisy turns around. There’s a nice big jiggly ass to be admired and she tends to slap it every once in a while getting it in motion. She shows some pretty neat butt cheek flexing and wiggling at several points in this clip. Her one piece lingerie unsnaps at the crotch three quarters through letting the pussy and ass crack out for some excellent initial nudity.

You Daisy Bum. 5:52

Daisy is now all nude with the butt getting plenty of attention. Her side ass profile is really quite impressive with beautiful full curves. The focus then goes up her butt with some very nice spreading and bend over and side posing.

Rose Butt. 9:35

Daisy stuffs a rose adorned chrome butt plug up her ass and mostly leaves it lodged in her ass while continuing to show off her ass. When she stands up the butt plug almost disappears in the depths of her ass crack. There’s plenty of butt slapping and twerking around to enhance the entertainment.

A Stoner getting Buzzed. 5:36

Daisy uses a big hitachi vibrator to get herself off. There’s not a lot of variation in position as she just lies back and buzzes herself. It seems to work quite well for her as she has some quite twitchy reactions to the toy and a fairly frantic climax.

Spank you very much. 3:23

Daisy’s butt spanking was so good we had her do an encore butt show with lots of ass slapping. She has plenty of big round jiggly ass flesh and it comes alive in this clip. She gets a rather large red mark on her ass and the jiggly butt action is at times quite intense.