1603 Shalina Devine

1604 Cindy Starfall & Kiara Cole

1605 Natalia Queen

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

The Ditzy Chicks. 13:10

Cindy and Kiara go full on cheese mode with cliche porno chatter and contrived enthusiasm while stripping each other down, though perhaps that works for many. There is no doubt it all looks very pretty with two hot chicks in a bright and colourful setting. There’s not so much action at this point but there’s plenty of eye candy and personality. Kiara’s bare butt gets very nicely displayed as the panties come off and then cheeks spread for your inspection.

Through Thick and Thin. 10:06

With both girls now all nude there’s a smattering of lesbian action in both directions throughout this clip. They have a fun interlude of side by side twerking before changing around and continuing the lesbian licking. Kiara gets a pretty good ass licking and pussy squeezing to end the clip.

Getting Sit Faced. 7:49

Position is everything in this segment with one well exposed bend over ass sitting on the face of the other girl. You get a great view up the butt while she gets her pussy licked. It goes in both directions with each girl taking turns to sit on the other’s face.

Pair Ass Friends. 3:34

It’s a pussy and ass pile with the two girls bending over one on top of the other with the goal of packing the maximum amount of pussy and ass in one compact view. Then Cindy coaches Kiara on how to wink her ass hole in a fun little segment.

Cole Porker. 3:35

Things get a bit more serious with Kiara getting a more thorough ass hole licking and pussy rubbing to the point of climax. This may be the best part of the video with Cindy not holding back and digging her tongue up Kiara’s ass.

Lick Slot Liker. 3:12

Now Cindy is on the receiving end lying back to get a more thorough pussy licking to end the video. There’s lots of frantic breathing though it’s questionable whether there’s really an orgasm in this.