1590 Cindy Starfall

1591 Anne Amari

1592 Riley Anne & Demi Lopez

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Black Anne Decker. 10:42

Anne’s dark skin looks pretty amazing in the reflected light on this sunny day by the pool. She’s an expert poser rolling around on the deck furniture in rather revealing ways. There’s also a lot of standing over your face with some excellent squirming and bikini teasing.

Chocolate Sun Day. ITC Favorite 9:48

This is now all nude video once again with excellent posing to get her ass well out in the open for inspection. The colours and lighting are really good with her dark skin bristling with detail. There’s quite a few inspiring moments with her pussy and ass hovering on top of your face.

Sweet Anne's Hour. 5:46

Anne’s odd shaped sex toy is a perfect match in colour to the surrounding furniture. It’s not conclusive how effective the toy is in actually getting her off but it’s all very pretty with beautiful light and colours bringing the scene alive.

Wet Anne Wonderful. 5:44

Anne cools off in the jacuzzi to end her scene. It’s a relatively modest scene but there are a few excellent up the butt shots with her wet ass glistening in the sun.

3D. 3D info ITC Favorite 9:00

This 3D version video has all content similar to the first 2 clips above.

Wet Anne Wonderful - 3D. 3D info 5:21

This is a 3D version of the similarly named clip above. All content is the same as it was shot with two cameras simultaneously.