1591 Anne Amari

1592 Riley Anne & Demi Lopez

1593 Angel Emily

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Hoes on Holiday. 6:33

Riley and Demi represent some interesting contrasts with dark skin - light skin, brunette - blonde and big butt - little butt. Their initial cautious start soon turns playful as soon as they get naked. They have a little session of bumper butts dancing ass cheeks to ass cheeks and we get some interesting shots from directly underneath.

Porno Vallarta. 4:24

The girls quickly get into a little bit of lesbian action having a quick lick in each other’s ass and pussy. It’s nice stuff but brief as they get on to other even better things in the following clips.

The Oily Bird gets the Worm. ITC Favorite 5:22

Riley lies on her front ass up to get the full ass oil treatment from Demi. There’s some pretty spectacular close up pussy and ass views from behind sprinkled throughout this clip. The action is super sexy with Demi’s thumb up Riley’s pussy while she gyrates against the probing thumb. It’s fairly brief but more of this later…

Slide Show Bob. 11:14

The girls switch around and Demi gets her big ass all oiled up to match Riley’s. Riley even gets her boobs in there for a nice oily boobs and butt sandwich. There’s a little bit of lesbian action for a while with Demi twerking on Riley’s face. The main portion of this clip has the girls just grinding on each other and sliding their girlie bits around in various gyrating movements.

Oil and Ass Industry. ITC Favorite 4:26

The focus is entirely on big oily butt for this clip with Demi getting her lush ass cheeks thoroughly oiled and massages and fondled. There’s plenty of butt wiggling going on with a hand buried deep up Demi’s big shiny ass. A layer of water is dribbled all over Demi’s ass on top of the oil creating some sexy water beads all over her butt cheeks.

Do Thumb Thing. ITC Favorite 6:10

This is quite similar to the “Oily Bird” clip above. Riley’s ass looked so good squirming against Demi thumb that we had to get more of it. There’s lots of oil and water enhancing the view along with some super sexy squirming and fantastic straight up the bum views.

Here Giddy Giddy. 4:31

The girls seem rather giddy after all of the oily pussy and ass fiddling. They frolic around on the large pool deck like goofy teenage girls. They end up in the pool to finish the scene with a bit of twerking and general fooling around.