1589 Leanne Lace

1590 Cindy Starfall

1591 Anne Amari

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Hose up Pho some Fun. 11:55

Cindy is her usual talkative self with both English and Vietnamese languages being used. She is pretty spiffed up with a classy black dress and super shiny black pantyhose. Crotch shots leave almost nothing to the imagination as the pantyhose are completely see through all over. The audio has a bit of white noise throughout due to the nearby waterfront wave action.

Shiny Gawkings. 8:57

The pantyhose inspection continues now but without the dress. You can see all the bits through the material when she bends over and squats on your face followed by all nude pussy and ass when she pulls down on the pantyhose. She makes a bit of a show about taking off her shoes and pantyhose which may be of interest to foot fetishists.

Cindy Crack Dot Com. 8:01

This nude posing clip is somewhat modest to start but in the second half we get some pretty awesome close up shots right in her ass crack. These ass crack shots are perhaps the highlight of the entire collection with multiple angles showing off her ass hole in the best light.

Wot da Phuk? 8:56

Cindy seems quite excited to use her glass toy which apparently has some relation to Sailor Moon. After her Sailor Moon impression she then proceeds to fuck herself with it while leaning back on a wooden chest. The action is not always the most compelling but the positions give a great view of her super smooth underside.