1585 Lilu Moon

1586 Adrian Hush

1587 Baby Nicols

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Smokin' Hush. 15:08

There’s quite a lot of attention to panties and booty in the early going of this strip tease. She gets topless in the middle section and wiggles her boobs around before we gravitate back to the ass and panty tease. She works the tease for quite a long time pulling her panties down many times to show the goods and pulling them back up again.

That's Rearly Something. 10:38

Now wearing only stockings, shoes and garter Adrian shows off her bare bottom in all manner of revealing poses. The best of it has her squatting on your face and lying on her front for excellent views up her butt. There’s some really good pussy spreading near the end of this clip with the vagina wide open and the fingers well enough out of the way.

Hot Pink Dink. 4:29

Adrian’s dildo is super bright and really stands out against her darker complexion. Her position lying back with her knees pinned all the way back gets her private places well out in the open. There might not be an actual orgasm in this but it is a pretty enthusiastic warm up for the vibrator that follows.

Buzz Adrian. 8:27

Adrian now switches to a heavy duty vibrator to get to the point of orgasm. We change to a back up vibrator half way through after her’s died. She keeps the same position with her knees pinned back all the way through. You can see her pussy muscles clenching at multiple points as she reacts to the vibrations.

3D. 3D info 12:11

This 3D version video has all content the same as the first two clips above.