1586 Adrian Hush

1587 Baby Nicols

1588 Aislin

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

Scene 1

Nicol Ass Cage. 12:56

Baby Nicols is smouldering hot in her black pearl dress. Though she doesn’t say anything her personality and charm come across clearly through her action and smile.

An Up Nicol Illusion. 13:00

This all nude posing clip starts with some close up open pussy shots and then turns to more ass worship content. Close up ass crack views let you immerse your mind fully in her ass while she flexes her butt hole at you. She does a very nice job of spreading and bouncing her ass while squatting on your face.

Jack Nicol Some. 10:13

This dildo masturbation scene starts with her legs together up in the air but it gets much more interesting after she hangs her butt off the edge of the couch. A nice little stream of pussy juice appears from time to time and her vagina hangs open when she pulls the toy out of her pussy.

Baby Stroller. ITC Favorite 12:20

Treadmill scenes have become more rare lately simply due to the fact that it is increasingly rare to find a location that has a treadmill. We were pretty fortunate to have one on this occasion with a particularly sexy walker such as Baby Nicols. Her charming personality is quite obvious as she appears to be having fun shooting this. We get views from all possible angles including high and low and front, back and side. The primary focus is of course on the ass views for maximum wiggle effect. There’s a little bit of unscripted BTS at the end with the model taking more. Her charming accent and personality is most evident here.