1584 Brooklyn Gray

1585 Lilu Moon

1586 Adrian Hush

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

Scene 1

Moonwalk. 10:13

Lilu’s walking scene is half in her red bikini and half naked. We have the very nice Greek island setting for this set but construction noise is a bit of an issue, especially in this first clip. The close up nude walking butt shots are particularly nice and give a sneak peek at her pretty bits before the strip tease.

A Strip to Greece. 5:52

The scene reverts now to a normal strip tease with Lilu posing in her red bikini. The first views up her bare bottom are pretty stunning displaying the perfection that you are about to feast upon in the following clips.

Nude Clear Bum. 3:32

This is a brief but beautiful bit of nude posing giving a beautiful view up Lilu’s flawless pussy and ass. Lying on her front with the legs wide open she gives a stunning look up her ass at close range. Her ass crack and anus are a work of art.

Ass Oiled Myself. ITC Favorite 11:02

Baby oil and sunshine with an amazing ass make a fantastic combination as you will see in this awesome ass worship segment. The glistening skin sparkles crystal clear in the sun and the ass is as close to perfection as can be. She slowly massages the oil into her ass while posing in the most revealing position possible on her front with the legs wide open and ass jacked up. Her finger sometimes probes right up her ass hole but mostly stays out of the way for a mind blowing close up ass crack views. The sum of her perfect skin, shapely ass crack, excellent posing and glistening oil adds up to one of our best ass worship videos to date.

Assicle. 14:45

Lilu uses a fake popsicle to fuck herself first in the pussy and then in the ass. Once again she uses lots of oil to glisten up the bumscape and enhance the view. Her anal segment position is at times unique and interesting with two hands behind pumping her jacked up ass with the dildo. She is one of the very few models that can actually orgasm from anal insertion. Her orgasm is abundantly obvious as she fucks herself in the ass to the point of climax.

Water you Looking at Asshole? 4:15

Lilu has a quick dip in the jacuzzi to end the video. While not exactly extensive we do get some very nice up the butt views as she bends over and floats on her front with her ass emerging out of the water.

Water you Looking at Asshole? - 3D. 3D info 4:35

This is identical footage to the similarly named clip above but in 3D format.