009 Vanessa

010 Vanessa

011 Jenny

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Pruning the Bush. 9:30

The first thing you see is Vanessa's big hairy bush right in your face while she trims her pussy hair. She shaves her pussy lips bare and then sticks the shaver handle up her bum.

Quick Pee. 0:21

Vanessa lies back in the bathtub, spreads her pussy lips and pees one long steady stream with a mixture off water and shaving cream oozing out of her vagina at the same time. Picture quality not quite as good here as other clips thanks to a bad edit.

Dildos in the Tub. 7:58

Vanessa plays with a clear rubber dildo up her pussy and a vibrator up her bum. There's some fabulous close up pussy spreads with her face in the background in the last part of this video.

Scene 2

Busy Fingers. 15:24

You see Vanessa sitting on a stool wearing light blue shorts and matching bra. She leans all the way forward with her ass hanging out over the edge of the stool and pulls the shorts out of her crack. Her fingers get really busy darting in and out of her vagina and her anus. After a while she climbs up on the counter and cuts the crotch out of her shorts with a pair of scissors. With her ass in the air she works up to 4 fingers up her pussy.

Marinated Vegetables. 14:28

Vanessa grabs a big cucumber and sinks it deep into her vagina. You'll love the way her creamy girl goo oozes out around the cucumber and runs down her leg. She dabbles the cucumber in her butt hole for a while then picks up something bigger to play with - a huge butternut squash. Next Vanessa sinks a hard-boiled egg right up her pussy and loses it in her vagina. She has to squat right over your face to get it out. The egg comes flying out of her vagina, almost hitting you in the face and you hear it smack on the floor.

Cream Lake. ITC Favorite 14:08

Vanessa opens up her vagina with a speculum and proceeds to fill her vagina with whipped cream through the speculum. She uses a small vibrator to stuff the cream all the way up inside her. We get some fantastic close up views through the speculum into her wide-open creamy vagina with a nice big puddle of melted cream in the depths of her vagina. You watch through her vagina as she sticks a finger up her bum and wiggles it around and then sticks a vibrator up her ass. You get a nice view of all the melted cream spewing out of her pussy when she pulls the speculum out. With the speculum out Vanessa spreads her pussy wide-open with her fingers and we stick your nose right in there at microscopic distance for some amazing vagina action. With her vagina all spread out Vanessa flexes her muscles to give you a great vagina show with rippling vagina walls surging and melted cream oozing through her with each contraction. You can even watch her anus squeezing at the same time.

Freezing her Butt off. 7:14

There's lots of laughing and giggling going on as Vanessa rubs a Popsicle all through her pussy and ass, even sticking it up her ass hole and melting it in her vagina. Finally Vanessa squats in the sink to rinse off her pussy and ass. She even takes a pee in the sink (her hands are covering her pussy but you still see her pee squirting out between her fingers).

Scene 3

Cleaning Up. 2:39

This is not really a complete scene but rather a few short clips that were too good to leave out. We filmed Vanessa taking a bath as she was getting ready to leave. You actually get right in the tub with her and there's also a beautiful shot of Vanessa standing right over your face as she soaps up her pussy and ass.