008 Alex

009 Vanessa

010 Vanessa

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Vanessa is a tiny little girl with a very beautiful and expressive face and a big hairy monster between her legs. This video is loaded with spectacular footage and should be of interest even to those who are not so keen on hairy bushes. If you really don't like hairy bushes check out the clean-shaven Vanessa in video # 010. Breast lovers should be advised that Vanessas breasts are not seen in this video as we focus on her best assets. This is a pussy and ass video with lots of sexy eye contact.

Scene 1

Mega Bush. 20:54

Vanessa teases you wearing a lacy yellow teddy before she unclips the crotch to reveal the massive untamed forest of hair between her legs. You get more than 12 fabulous minutes of Vanessa's bush in your face with her face in the background as she sensually strokes a vibrator in and out of her pussy and sticks another one up her ass. You'll love her sweet sighs and expressive face as she brings herself to a cum spewing orgasm.

Pearls in the Forest. 9:10

Next she flosses her slit with a long string of pearls and then stuffs them up both of her love holes. She stuffs one end up her bum and the other end all up into her vagina until all you see is the string of pearls exiting her ass and going straight into her pussy. She spreads her pussy wide open right in your face so you can see the pearls inside.

Scene 2

Splitting the Bush. 9:02

Vanessa strips out of light blue shorts and a matching bra on the kitchen counter. You can see her massive bush spilling out from under the crotch of her shorts. After a while the shorts come off and we stick your face between her legs while she fingers herself and jacks her ass up and down. At the end of this clip Vanessa splits her bush open with a speculum for a nice look between her furry pussy lips.

A Stream in the Forest. 2:43

Peeing and speculum fans rejoice as we bring you the ultimate shot. Vanessa spreads her pussy with a speculum and then pees out through the middle of the speculum giving you the ultimate view of her anatomy in action. You even get to see her pee hole right up close while she continues to pee and floods her vagina.

Scene 3

Black Lingerie. 13:03

At first Vanessa spends a fair amount of time standing over your face teasing you in a black lingerie ensemble. You watch as she fiddles with her panties and pulls them aside. Later lying on the floor her panties come off for some nice finger masturbation and pussy fiddling.

Multiple Insertion. 20:53

Vanessa plays with several different vibrators until she eventually ends up with three of them inside her all at once with two in her pussy and one up her bum. We end this video with your nose stuck up Vanessa's vagina as she spreads it open and flexes her pussy muscles over and over giving you a great view of her folds of pussy walls gyrating and oozing up creamy girl goo from deep inside her vagina.