001 Kerri Ann

008 Alex

009 Vanessa

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Tease and Toys. 19:07

Alex enters the room wearing a sexy white teddy with a thong back. She teases you for a while, jiggles her bum cheeks around right over your face, and then pulls the thong out of her crack to show off her beautiful anus and thick meaty lips. She plays with a variety of different vibrators, sometimes with one in both holes and sometimes with two in her pussy at the same time.

In Alex's Crack. ITC Favorite 6:50

Alex jacks her ass up and down in your face while she rides a green dildo. After she's done with the dildo you spend an incredible 4 minutes with your face buried in her crack soaking in some mind-blowing close ups, pussy farts and butt hole winking. With her anus virtually filling your TV screen you get the most intimate view imaginable as she flexes her anus muscle in and out. She even blows bubbles out of her vagina at the same time.

Scene 2

Slick Pussy. 15:38

After stripping from another teddy Alex picks up a blunt plastic syringe full of lubrication, buries the nozzle up her vagina and empties the whole thing inside her pussy. It all starts to ooze out when Alex sinks her fingers inside her pussy to frig herself. Pretty soon her pussy is one huge gooey mess with pussy lips glistening wet and lube freely flowing down over her anus. Next she slips a plastic speculum up her soaked pussy to show you some great well-lit views all the way to the bottom of her vagina. She even fingers her butt hole at the same time. After briefly riding the kitchen faucet handle Alex sits right in the sink and washes off all the lubrication from her pussy and ass.

Alex on a Stick. 4:19

Alex sticks a suction cup dildo on the corner of the kitchen table and rides it right over your face. It's almost like having a dildo attached to your nose and having the girl ride your face!

Scene 3

Creamed Pussy. 10:49

In this scene Alex repeats the whole syringe thing except this time it's full of whipped cream. She empties half of it inside her vagina and smears the rest all over her pussy lips. Next she fiddles with a few baby carrots stuffing them up both her pussy and her ass. This scene ends with a few more great close ups in the crack.

Scene 4

Slow Trickle. 4:37

Here's a great scene for those with a pee fetish. Alex squats over a glass bowl and has a long, slow tinkle that seems to last forever as she completely fills the bowl.

Speculum Posing. 1:54

Not so much action here but you see Alex's pussy spread wide open by a speculum with her vagina muscles flexing as she tries to pee some more (unsuccessfully). She actually pushes the speculum right out using her vagina muscles alone.

Close up Pee. 2:02

While holding her pussy lips open with her fingers Alex pees some more and you get a fantastic close up view of her pee hole and her flexing vagina muscles at the same time.

Anus Wink. 1:50

Alex rolls over onto her side and spreads her ass for some more spectacular extreme close up bum hole action as she flexes her anus muscles over and over again.