1341 Lilly Ford

1342 Shane Blair

1343 Twister

Shoot Location: La Quinta, California

Scene 1

Watch you Shane? 8:44

Shane has got some pretty nice angles with well formed curves spilling out of her form fitting jean shorts. The jean shorts last for half of this clip and then it’s all panty posing.

Shane on you. 6:19

With Shane now naked she spends much of this clip with her ass parked on your face giving explicit views up her bottom side in both standing and bend over positions. She gets a pretty good spread going for a short while with her vagina gaping open nicely.

It's a Prying Shane. ITC Favorite 3:34

If you’re just here for the gaping pussy shots then you must not miss this video. While lying back on the chair with her legs high and wide she uses two hands to gape her pussy open. She’s got one of the cleanest pussy spreads on the site with her hands well out of the way and her vagina gaping quite wide open.

Buzz Blairy Jam. ITC Favorite 7:04

Shane’s vibrator masturbation scene is really quite good with the heavy duty toy producing some interesting results. You can see her contractions when she reaches her orgasms and there’s a very prominent glob of clear pussy goo that develops in her vagina and spills out onto her ass. At the end after she is done with the toy she dabbles her finger in her vagina and pulls out a huge string of thick pussy goo showing how wet she became.

Under a Rest for I.U.D. 5:46

Shane’s speculum scene reveals a couple of strings coming out of her cervix from her IUD. It might be an interesting curiosity for some people or a distraction for others. There’s some very clear and nicely lit inside views sprinkled throughout this clip and it includes an excellent bend over pose in the middle. At the end she shoots the speculum out of her pussy using only her pussy muscles. This clip has a little more personality as she becomes more giggly and talkative.