1340 Sami Parker

1341 Lilly Ford

1342 Shane Blair

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Silly Lilly. 5:05

Lilly is almost always in a bit of a silly mood with a near constant smile on her face. It’s pretty obvious she enjoys showing off for you. Her dress comes off pretty quickly and this is mostly a brief panty tease. This strip tease clip is a bit shorter than usual due to much of the footage being unusable.

Eye Cunt a Ford this. 11:33

With Lilly now completely naked her best assets become glaringly obvious. Her huge thick meaty pussy lips are something special and her ass is no slouch either. She gets a little distracted with climbing on the bed posts for a while before regaining her composure to resume the privates display. This video will be of particular interest to those who like tiny girls with thick meat all around the underside.

Big Toys for a Lilly Girl. ITC Favorite 13:26

Lilly starts her masturbation scene with just a soft skinned dildo and then later adds a huge vibrator to rattle her pussy to a climax. For a while she uses both toys simultaneously and then uses just the big vibrator to finish the job. You can easily see the vibrations rippling right through her pussy. The big toy hides a little bit of her pussy but it’s all worth it as it produces some excellent results including a squirting orgasm and otherwise obvious contractions and reactions. Her pussy looks huge and swollen at the end after she is done with the toy.

3D. 3D info 9:04

This 3D format video includes footage similar to the first and second clips above.